San Telmo, Buenos Aires
San Telmo, Buenos Aires

The Spanish Leaving Cert Essay (or Opinion Piece) is one of the sections of the exam that seems to make students apprehensive so as well as a few more tips, I’ve compiled the sample essays that are on this blog and the various posts I’ve written with suggestions for handling this section of the exam.

Sample essays:

Sample essay by Elyse on Facebook. 

Sample essay by Alanna on bullfighting.

Sample essay by Béibhín on bullfighting.

Sample essay by Róisín on whether you learn better inside the classroom or outside it.

Sample essay by Ava on Ireland being the best place in the world to live.

Handling the essay/opinion piece question:

Dealing with the essay question

5 quick ways to improve your writing

Thinking about the language you use:

Connecting words to use in your writing

Long list of false friends (those pesky words that look like a word you recognise in English, but actually mean something completely different)

A list of useful words and phrases for your essay

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