Experienca laboral – work experience

This is a short collection of activities for TY to work with coming up to/after the work experience part of the year.

¿un trabajo en el circo, quizá? ¿Cómo domador de tigres? (foto sacada en Kingston, Canadá)

¿un trabajo en el circo, quizá? ¿Cómo domador de tigres? (foto sacada en Kingston, Canadá)

At the moment, the focus is on vocabulary for jobs.

Revise the names of jobs using these flashcards. Do this first, so you have the jobs clear in  your head for what’s to come!

There are a few more terms that might be useful here, and some different activities with that.

Timed wordsearch – click on the link, then click on jobs, under the Wordsearch section.

Click on this link to bring you to español-extra, then choose jobs/professions. This one tests your speed!

If you prefer working for points than against the clock, click here, then click on jobs/professions again.

I’ll add to this as I go along, but if you have any other good job-related/work-experience sites, please let me know and I’ll link up to them!


TY – cine y gustar


Start at the top and work your way down. For the last three, you will need to use earphones, or else to have the volume very low so you don’t disturb others.

Gustar + other verbs in context of cine.

Matching the beginning and ends of sentences to practise gustar. (using subjects)

Gustar/encantar practice sentences.

Who wants to be a millionaire gustar/encantar

Vocabulario del cine

Vocabulario útil del cine y de la tele

Listen to these people talking about cinema.

Think about the following film-related questions that are common in the oral exam:

¿Cuál es tu película preferida? (What’s your favourite film?)

¿Cuál es la última película que has visto? (easy to stumble into this one if you tell the examiner you always go to the cinema at the weekend! or that you were there last week!)

¿Has visto alguna película española? (Have you ever seen a Spanish film? This should lead you nicely into your review of El laberinto del fauno)

Form 4 Tuesday class

Today in class, you have a choice.

My advice would be to type up your pieces on your work experience so that they are ready to go for your portfolios. Likewise with your pieces on the film Volver – a lot of you did those into your copies rather than typing them up, so this is a good opportunity to do it now.

If for some reason you don’t have that work with you (copies should have been returned yesterday Monday and are in the big cupboard under the TV on the top shelf if you were absent), then here are a few activities to get the preterite straight in your head:


Regular verbs in the preterite are explained here in points 1-4.  Point 5 is the Irregular verbs song!

  1. Video for -AR verbs  (with audio – get headphones!) (he leaves out the vosotros form because he’s using South American Spanish.)
  2. Video for -ER verbs

    Vista desde la roca de Skellig

    Vista desde la roca de Skellig

  3. Video for -IR verbs
  4. Flashcards with regular verbs
  5. The irregular verbs song!
  6. Regular verbs in the preterite – explanation.
  7. Test yourself – see what you can remember
  8. Hangman with irregular verbs
  9. Hangman – regular and irregular verbs
  10. Who wants to be a millionaire? Warm up with this one.
  11. Who wants to be a millionaire?

And now try this: Revisit the Preterite vs Imperfect: in a game of battleships!

Cursos de español

Esta semana tenemos dos representantes de cursos de verano en español que vienen al colegio.

El martes, viene un representante de Colegio Delibes en Salamanca. Varios alumnos estuvieron allí y les gustó bastante. Además, Salamanca es una ciudad bonita y acogedora.

El jueves, viene alguien de Euro Languages College. El curso de español toma lugar en Alexandra College en el sur de Dublín.



martes: 13.45, B3 – Colegio Delibes.

jueves: 13.45, A9 – Euro Languages College.


Volver – trailer

El trailer – en español – hay subtitulos pero con letra pequeña – son difíciles de leer, ¡lo siento! The trailer – in Spanish – there are subtitles, but they are very small & a bit difficult to read – apologies!

Entrevista con Penelope y Pedro Almodóvar sobre la peli – tiene un clip buenisimo! – Interview with Penelope and Pedro Almodóvar – great clip in it!

El secreto de sus ojos – trailer

El trailer en español, con subtítulos en inglés. Otra peli con un tema un poco fuerte – un caso sin resolver de mucha violencia – pero una de las mejores películas que haya visto últimamente; el año pasado ganó el Oscar por Mejor Película Extranjera.

The trailer in Spanish, with subtitles in English. Another film with a fairly tough subject – but one of the best films I’ve seen lately; last year it won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film.