Twitter Task

Twitter task

Know your school’s AUP.

Here are two samples:

Sample 1

Sample 2

Some Theory from José Picardo

Classroom tools

Put a timer on the board.

Set up a fakebook page.

Fruit machine – use this to choose members in the classroom and to ask random questions.


Excellent advice about blogging with your students.

Some other considerations and tips.

Explore these blogs:

José Picardo (author of Box of Tricks)

MFL @ Northgate

Here are a number of blogging platforms:

Weebly – specifically educational; free.

Edublogger – specifically educational; subscription-based if you want anything more than very basic blogging. Based on the WordPress blogging platform.

Blogger – service connected to Google so it has a vast range of tools available to it.

WordPress – not educationally related; takes a little while to get used to, but you can create a nice and professional-looking blog.

Tumblr – not educationally related; perhaps better for PLN or for a blog which you administrate. Great for sharing items of interest that you find on the internet with great ease. Easy to use.



Wordle: Untitled


Blog post from Life, Inspired on creating messages and signs, with links to the tools used

Quizlet (for using and creating flashcards)

Fodey – this is great fun – generate newspaper clippings, cigarette boxes, animated squirrels and tomatoes, and ninjas who write text.





SMS Generator


MFL Storybird


1:1 Classroom

I’m not yet lucky enough to have a 1:1 classroom, but I like this compilation of free tools for a classroom that is.

Online Communities

Join my Edmodo group to have a look before setting up your own  profile.

Think about a facebook page.

Downloading YouTube videos:

Keep Tube

Save Tube

Off Liberty

Cool sound-effects for your classroom

Watch this:


  1. Some great ideas here – Triptico is another fantastic resource which is well worth trying. Steve French

  2. Hola pancomido,
    Como te busco en edmodo? Tambien, hay algun recurso para profesores en cuanto a corregir las redacciones del Leaving Cert. Ideas, sugerencias, lo que sea para ayudar a corregirlas en clase, en casa etc. Y si es buena idea que los estudiantes corrijan sus propios errores etc.
    Gracias – muy buena pagina. La usare con los estudiantes.

    1. Estoy en Edmodo como Susan Leahy – no tengo un grupo de Edmodo para profesores de español en particular – ¡es una buena idea! Sin embargo, podemos conectar como profesores en Edmodo.
      No hay ningún recurso así, que yo sepa, específicamente para las redacciones. Yo he puesto aquí mis consejos, pero he visto poco en la red.
      Yo siempre creo que es bueno que los alumnos corrijan sus propios errores. Desde luego, necesitan mucha práctica en eso porque les parece muy difícil, pero al final es algo que necesitarán hacer en el examen.

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