Start at the top and work your way down. For the last three, you will need to use earphones, or else to have the volume very low so you don’t disturb others.

Gustar + other verbs in context of cine.

Matching the beginning and ends of sentences to practise gustar. (using subjects)

Gustar/encantar practice sentences.

Who wants to be a millionaire gustar/encantar

Vocabulario del cine

Vocabulario útil del cine y de la tele

Listen to these people talking about cinema.

Think about the following film-related questions that are common in the oral exam:

¿Cuál es tu película preferida? (What’s your favourite film?)

¿Cuál es la última película que has visto? (easy to stumble into this one if you tell the examiner you always go to the cinema at the weekend! or that you were there last week!)

¿Has visto alguna película española? (Have you ever seen a Spanish film? This should lead you nicely into your review of El laberinto del fauno)

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