If you – like my own group of Form 4 – did work experience recently, this post leads you through relevant vocabulary and useful grammar.

¿un trabajo en el circo, quizá? ¿Cómo domador de tigres? (foto sacada en Kingston, Canadá)
¿un trabajo en el circo, quizá? ¿Cómo domador de tigres? (foto sacada en Kingston, Canadá)

Just follow the instructions carefully in each paragraph to choose your activities.

Revise the names of jobs using these flashcards. Do this first, so you have the jobs clear in  your head for what’s to come!

There are a few more terms that might be useful here, and some different activities with that.

Timed wordsearch – click on the link, then click on jobs, under the Wordsearch section.

Click on this link to bring you to español-extra, then choose jobs/professions. This one tests your speed!

If you prefer working for points than against the clock, click here, then click on jobs/professions again.

There’s some fairly useful sentences here. You click through the lessons, play the games, do the test! Save your score in your personal learning log to share with your teacher when we go back to school. Note that these sentences are in the present tense, whereas when you’re putting together stuff to talk about your work experience, you’re much more likely to use the preterite (pretérito indefinido en español)  (single completed actions in the past) and the imperfect (pretérito imperfecto en español) (the two most important uses for the work experience would be: repeated actions in the past – what you did every day in the job, description – people in the job).

This video from Tu escuela de español has a really clear explanation of the differences, as well as some questions to test yourselves. 

I’ll add to this as I go along, but if you have any other good job-related/work-experience sites, please let me know and I’ll link up to them!

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