set yourself up well before diving into all of these documents! Food and beverage essential!

This is the poster with all the learning strands for the MFL Learning Outcomes, which all teachers will have received at their cluster day, and which is the backbone of planning Learning Units.

Here’s a blank template for planning your learning units.

This is a sample Learning Unit on places in the town from the JCT website for MFL classes.

Here’s another sample Learning Unit, this time on Classroom Language.

This one is on the house/home. 

This one is entitled “Let’s eat.”

All of the above resources, and some flashcards and placemats to accompany them, are at the JCT MFL website, under the Resources section. 

The way we are being asked to plan is slightly different now, it’s called “Action Planning”, and this useful diagram from the JCT MFL website shows how it works now.

Screen shot 2018-10-14 at 12.55.29

Also very helpful are these questions below to guide your thinking on integrating the learning strands in your planning, also from jct.ie

Screen shot 2018-10-14 at 12.58.28

Most of the remaining links and images come from what is for me, the most stressful website, hosted by the NCCA: curriculumonline.ie. Unfortunately, here there are a series of links – there’s no one document you can download to look at, and if you want to print it off, you have to add stuff to a clipboard, and then I’ve had multiple difficulties finding where that clipboard is etc. But I’ll do my best to provide some key links here and copy and paste some of the information.

MFL and key skills – this outlines the key skills particularly relevant to our subject, which are copied here below.

Screen shot 2018-10-14 at 12.07.55

MFL and Statements of Learning – the most relevant ones supported by the MFL specification are copied here below and are at this link.

Screen shot 2018-10-14 at 12.08.51

Here’s some information about the three strands, and how they tie into the course. It’s too much to copy and paste, and there are some drop-down menus as well.

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