evening walk after a long day

Every teacher should be getting their second Cluster Day training in their first subject this year, and their first Cluster Day training in their second subject. I’m looking forward to hearing if there have been any changes since our training when we get feedback from our colleagues who attended their training last week.

Keep an eye out (to be honest I’m not sure where!) about training for facilitating SLAR meetings. As far as I know, these are held in Education Centres (so make sure you’re on a few mailing lists there) and presumably will also be publicised by the JCT MFL team.

It is the part of the responsibility of the JCT MFL team to provide CPD for us, along with the PDST. If you’re lucky, your subject association will also provide complementary CPD but that function should first and foremost be delivered to teachers by those bodies responsible.

Here’s a link to the booklet we received on our first Cluster (training) Day. 

Here’s a link to part 1 of a MFL webinar Working with Learning Outcomes

Here’s a link to part 2 of the webinar Unpacking Learning Outcomes.

Here’s a link to part 3 of the webinar: Planning with Learning Outcomes.

This link is to the MFL series on the JCT YouTube channel. There are a few Dylan Wiliam videos on Formative Assessment as well as some videos in Irish.


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