I hope my Leaving Cert students were more productive than I was during the snow days! I found it very hard to work up the motivation to do much, but here’s a little something to use in class if you’re a teacher or for personal study if you’re a student.

If you’re a student, you can see below what’s at each link. This will be a great topic for the Spanish Oral examiner, it’s always guaranteed in Section 6 of the listening and…well, who’s taking bets we could see a Leaving Cert reading comprehension on the weather and climate change this year? It’s been a while. (2008 to be precise. Questions p8 at this link, comprehension text here)

1 + 2 = vocab flashcards

3 = conversational phrases

4-6 = articles for reading

7-9 = listening

10 = article suitable for juniors

11 = photos to prompt writing/speaking

  1. Quizlet: storm-related vocab – weather, roads etc
  2. Quizlet: snow-days related vocab
  3. For when you need to talk about the weather 😉  eg at the bus-stop! 
  4. Article about Ireland & Storm Emma
  5. Emma meets the Beast from the East
  6. The effects of Emma on Spain
  7. Complicated 7 minute listening on the effects of Emma in Spain – with vocab referring to buildings coming down, people being evacuated, coastal damage, including accents from different places in Spain.
  8. Listening: 1 minute news report from the day the storm hit.
  9. Listening + reading on the effects of Emma in Spain with particular reference to transport (approx 1 min)
  10. Easy, short article on school closures due to Storm Emma.
  11. Fotogalería de la nieve en España


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