Curso 1

Selección de actividades: 
Objetos de la clase classroom objects
Bomberos - Buenos Aires
Bomberos – Buenos Aires

Palabras para describir a la gente words to describe people

Los trabajos jobs
View the words on the flashcards before, then do the Speller activity, then go onto either Scatter or Space Race.
Palabras sobre la casa words to do with your house
Repaso de vocabulario – vocabulary revision:
Go to and click on Free Resources in the bottom right hand corner. NB this site has changed recently and may not work on all computers.
Irregular verbs – scroll down and highlight the verbs you want to test yourself on – in the irregular verbs, I suggest ser, tener, estar, ir.
There’s a handy verb chart for irregular verbs here, in case you get stuck.
Regular verbs – I suggest that you scroll down and just pick out a few -AR, -ER, and -IR verbs to start, rather than doing all of them.
Leave a comment to say which activity is the best one and why!

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