Any revision topic on pancomido is useful at Leaving Cert Spanish level for revision (these words catch students out in the Spanish Listening exam and in the Dialogue) and of course for Junior Cert students who will come across it in their Spanish Listening and also in the reading comprehensions in the Junior Cert Spanish Exam.

Rags to Riches for the airport – note this was designed by someone teaching Latin-American Spanish, so we’ll see abordar instead of embarcar and boleto instead of billete. Just important to keep in mind, and useful to notice the difference between there and the peninsular Spanish that we learn.

And here’s a memory game for the airport vocabulary. Check the list of terms used first – here’s a link to click on for that. 

Next, it’s the weather, which can often be mentioned in the airport section in the listening, and often comes up in its own right as a section in the Junior Cert Listening.

These two links are to Quizlet, so use the flashcards to review the vocab, then do speller, a game, or test yourself.

Basic weather words.

Slight extension to the weather words.

Here’s a link to a previous post on the weather, with lots more activities. 

And here’s a link to a post on the Preterite, with lots of revision activities, and an activity on the countries too.

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