The time! This comes up in both the Spanish Junior Cert Exam and the Spanish Leaving Cert. At Junior Cert level it’s usually in the numbers in the written section, and often in the Listening Exam. At Leaving Cert level, year after year, I see it catching people out in the Listening and in the Dialogue.

As always, here’s a few options for reviewing how you tell the time en español. Do at least one of these before moving on to the activities.


Telling the time, very clearly expressed on this page.

Expand your knowledge. Take it one step further by looking at these phrases.

Do you want to see it all in one place? Very clearly laid-out list of lots of time-related phrases.

If you’re stuck and want to find out how exactly you say a particular time, use this interactive clock which will also give you am/pm. 


Notes on how to say the time (in clear, simple Spanish)Don’t miss the two review activities at the very bottom of the page before moving on.

The central panel here tells you how to tell the time. On the left, under the Telling the Time section, there’s a variety of quizzes and even some oral prompts to work with. 

Practise telling the time by changing the hands on a clock. 

Work with listening skills to recognise the time (get your ear in for the JC!).

Who wants to be a millionaire?-style game. 

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