La vuelta

Back to school is a rush of adrenaline for teachers and students alike. The change of pace from the easeful days of summer to packed days and weeks can often be fraught and tense instead of exhilarating and enjoyable.

How about changing the story? Diving into a private language space with other teachers, while focusing on the positive elements of being a teacher (of Spanish) over the next month? 

This project is inspired by a photo prompt session led by Susannah Conway that I have been doing this year as part of my work on mindfulness (a work-in-progress, as all mindfulness is!).


The idea is to encourage you to pause – if and when you can(!) – and mark the moment you’re living. Take a photo. Share it (see how and where below). Maybe write a little explanation, say what you’re thinking, or how you’re feeling.

There’s a prompt a day for thirty-one days. See how you go. Share a shot every day or drop in when it suits you. The prompts are there to guide, inspire and encourage – there is no wrong way to interpret them and (I promise!) nobody nagging if you take some time off or decide to start late or finish early. You might be an experienced photographer with a great camera, or you might be taking photos – as I will – with your phone.

Eyes on the prize
Mirar las cosas desde otra perspectiva

#backtocole15 is intended to bring with it a re-immersion into the Spanish language alongside what we’re doing in our classrooms. I’d love this Spanish language space to help jumpstart your return to the classroom while encouraging you to connect with and through the language in a joyful way – don’t worry about mistakes, but please keep to Spanish within the group.

Here it is: One prompt (apunte) for each of 31 days starting from whenever you can start! I probably won’t begin till Thursday as I go back on Friday, but the prompts are designed to fit into any teacher’s schedule. Keep scrolling to see where and how to share.


Jump in!

There’s a closed Facebook page (this is only for teachers – if you’re a student and you’re reading this, hold back till later in the year).

You can post on Instagram using the hashtag #backtocole15 (posts will be public if your account is public).

Connect and share on Twitter using the same hashtag #backtocole15.

NB I will not be moderating the group full-time on any platform, and I cannot offer technical support (but I can’t wait to connect with you online)!

¡Nos vemos!


PS This will – I hope – be fairly easy to transfer to the classroom as well as to other groups, and this is part of my plan for the new academic year. If you decide to do so yourself, I only ask that you credit Susannah Conway for the original idea, and it would be nice if you could link to pancomido too if you do so. ¡Gracias!


  1. Hi Susan,

    Great idea, the entries have to follow the “script” you enclose (as in first is the night before, etc) or they can be any pictures? Can I invite other Spanish teachers from further afield?


    1. Hola Leticia,
      Good to see you here 🙂
      It’s not obligatory to follow the prompts (enough in life is obligatory without something that’s meant to be fun being so!) but it is usually nice because it means everyone brings a different perspective and interpretation to the prompt. But sometimes a prompt doesn’t suit or you want to post something different, that’s fine too.
      As for other teachers, the more the merrier!

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