Connecting with other educators with Twittter in the last five years (I joined it in 2010) has provided me with many wonderful learning opportunities, and big hugs and smiles all round when I meet my twitter friends (“tweeps”!) in real life.

Yeah, I know this photo shows Facebook! 😉

If you haven’t engaged in any of the amazing #edchat opportunities on Twitter, why not make 2015/16 the year you dip your toe in? Whether you dip only your little toe in, or dive in headfirst, you won’t regret it! The great thing about Twitter is that it always gives you something back, even if you “neglect” it for months! 

Here’s a great post on #langchat by @CoLeeSensei which gives a very useful how-to which you can apply to any Twitter chat. It also lists some of the wonderful language teachers who are so characteristic of Twitter for you to follow.

In Ireland we have the excellent #edchatie every Monday night 8.30 to 9.30 and this year, every second Tuesday at 8pm from September we will have #mflire dedicated to Modern Language teaching in Ireland. This began last year and is moderated by the marvellous @sandrinepk. I hardly need mention Language Teachers Ireland who have a very active presence on Twitter and Facebook or the Post-Primary Languages Initiative who have embraced and encouraged the use of social media by teachers and students alike.

Another hashtag to search is #mfltwitterati, which is the one most of the UK MFL tweeters use.

Finally, if you want a few more tips, this is a “Twitter task” I have done with my H.Dip and PME students over the years to encourage them to connect with other teachers on Twitter…yes, there is a word for that: tweachers! (sorry)

Let me know if there are others I should include please.

Hope to see you online soon!

You’ll find me at @susanleahy.

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