A selection of activities that that focus on vocabulary for places in the city or town. 

Flashcards with lots of activities – study the flashcards first though!

Places in the city.

Flashcards with a variety of verbs and nouns to do with the city.

Watch a video about La ciudad, courtesy of BBC.

Matching activity with pictures and vocabulary.

Variety of activities about the town – en el pueblo.

In an oral, or the written section of an exam, I would expect students in Form 2 to be able to answer (and expand on) questions such as:

¿Dónde vives?

¿Cómo es tu barrio/pueblo/ciudad?

¿Qué hay en tu barrio/pueblo/ciudad?

¿Te gusta tu barrio/pueblo/ciudad? ¿Por qué?

Here are some sample pieces written by my current Form 3 students when they were in Form 1. Form 2 would therefore need to expand a little more on these – especially be able to add your opinion.




As always, please let me know if a link is broken!

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