Following on from Friday’s post, here’s my sample answer. My caveat, which I mentioned on Friday, is that my answers are not the only ones. There are other options. I have included a few below, but not every possible construction, so take it with a pinch of salt. Neither have I explained every choice I’ve made…I’m leaving it up to you to sit down with your own work and what I’m putting in front of you to think it through. If I get a lot of interest in this post, I’ll pop up another old dialogue followed by an answer. I have assigned each sentence a separate bullet point. Any questions, leave a comment. 


(a)You and your friend, Susana, discuss the Spanish television show Gran Hermano. (Contestants live together in a house and two are voted out each week. The last person left wins 8 million euros.)

Complete IN SPANISH your side of the following DIALOGUE.

Susana:¿Qué opinas del concurso Gran Hermano?

Tú: Say you like it a lot and you never miss a programme, although since Mario and

Silvia left it hasn’t been as interesting as it was before.

  • Me gusta muchísimo.
  • Nunca pierdo un programa, aunque desde que Mario y Silvia se marcharon, no ha sido tan interesante como antes.

Susana:¿Quién va a ganar el premio?

Tú: You think that Felipe will win because he’s nice, good-looking, gets on with everyone and is very clever. He was very upset when they threw out Mario.

  • Bueno, yo creo que Felipe ganará porque es simpático, guapo, se lleva bien con todo el mundo y (además) es muy listo.
  • Se alteró mucho cuando echaron a Mario.
  • OR
  • Estaba muy triste cuando echaron a Mario.

Susana:¿Sabes que Mario y Silvia ya son novios?

Tú: Apparently they both come from Madrid. You hope that Silvia will be happy with Mario because on the programme she was always alone.It used to surprise you when she’d go out into the garden at night to look at the stars.

  • Parece que ambos son de Madrid/ambos son madrileños. (or replace ambos with los dos)
  • Espero que Silvia sea feliz/que Silvia esté contenta con Mario porque en el programa siempre estaba sola.
  • Me sorprendía cuando salía al jardín por la noche para mirar las estrellas.

Susana:¿Te gustaría participar en Gran Hermano?

Tú: It would be a very interesting experience but you would hate to become so well-

known. Besides you wouldn’t like to be without your family for such a long time.

  • Sería una experiencia muy interesante, pero odiaría llegar a ser tan conocido/famoso.
  • Además, no me gustaría estar sin mi familia durante tanto tiempo.
  • OR
  • Además, no me gustaría pasar tanto tiempo sin mi familia.

Susana:¿Vas a ver el programa la semana que viene?.

Tú: Of course! You want to know what’s going to happen to Marina. Nobody likes her because she never helps the others in the house. You think that she is very selfish.

  • ¡Desde luego!/ ¡Claro!/ ¡Por supuesto!
  • Quiero saber qué le va a pasar a Marina.
  • A nadie le gusta porque nunca ayuda a los otros en la casa. Creo que es muy egoísta.


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