At the start of May, my colleague and I brought our Form 2 classes to the Irish Film Institute to watch Blancanieves. I have selected some of the most interesting and considered responses for sharing. The students wrote partly in Spanish and partly in English. The full responses will appear here on the site and selections will be taken from them for the school yearbook in December. 

Here is David’s response. 


Mi carácter favorito es Antonio Villalta porque es muy interesante. Al principío en la película, es inteligente y rápido porque trabaja de matador. Se hirió las piernas en la corrida de toros. Cuando encuentra su hija, es muy feliz. Cuando asesina Encarna a Antonio, yo estaba muy enfadado porque Antonio es simpático y amistoso.

My favourite scene in Blancanieves was the scene between Antonio and Carmencita when Carmen dresses up like her mother and dances to one of her mother’s songs with her father. The suspense is incredible when Encarna sees flashes through Antonio’s window from his wheelchair. It is intense when you see her climbing the stairs with her vicious dogs and you know Carmen is still dancing until the last second where she hides behind a curtain and all that Encarna finds is her chicken.
Overall, I thought the film was well produced and although some things didn’t add up, such as Carmen overpowering the man choking her by slapping him, I still felt it was well made, especially without any voice acting from any of the actors. Overall, I would give the film a solid seven out of ten for a great story, fantastic acting and relatable characters.


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