At the start of May, my colleague and I brought our Form 2 classes to the Irish Film Institute to watch Blancanieves. I have selected some of the most interesting and considered responses for sharing. The students wrote partly in Spanish and partly in English. The full responses will appear here on the site and selections will be taken from them for the school yearbook in December. 

Here is the first response, by Kiran. 

Mi personaje favorito en la película “Blancanives” es Antonio
Villalta. Antonio es mi personaje favorito por que actuó muy bien y
mostró expresiones muy interesantes. Es un personaje muy convincente.

My favourite scene in “Blancanieves”  was the scene in which the evil
step-mother kills Antonio Villalta. I really like this scene because
it is very well directed. The lighting indicates a very sinister tone
and the music is composed superbly to match that tone. The actors are
also exceptional in this scene. Daniel Giménez Cacho (Antonio
Villalta) acts very well in this scene and he nails the facial
expressions. Maribel Verdú (Encarna) also does a brilliant job. I
really hated her character, which is a real sign of good acting. This
scene really stood out to me because I was on the edge of my seat for

Overall, I liked the movie “Blancanieves”. The director does a great
job of telling a story without the characters having to say a single
word. The lighting in the movie really contributes to the scene. The
musical score was also brilliant, and really set the tone of the
scene. All of the actors do a fantastic job in the movie. They all
exhibit their facial expressions in a very convincing manner and all
of the characters had their own distinctive characteristics and
traits. The story of “Snow White” was adapted to a Spanish environment
very well. The modification of the story brought out the unique
Spanish culture, while still staying true to the original story.

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