Just came across this on James Stubbs’ The Target Language Classroom, and thought it might be of interest to many other teachers of Spanish out there.

James Stubbs

Following on from last week’s post containing some visuals I’m using with my French classes for setting up classroom language, here goes with some for Spanish:

Bless you

Can I

How do you say in English

How do you say in Spanish

How do you spell

I don’t know

I’ve forgotten


Points – winning and losing

winning and losing

Won – lost

Repeat please

Right – wrong

Silent letter

One of my little ‘challenges’ as I get going with lots of classes which are completely new to me is working out how to keep track of which expressions I’ve begun to get going with classes and which I haven’t.  This is simpler when you only take on a couple of extra classes a year (if that’s how your school does it), but when you are new to a school at any stage of your career and you want to…

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