Selección de actividades para repaso (revision)


Text presentation of the future tense, handy if you prefer to see all the information laid out in one place in front of you.

Audio-visual (youtube) presentation of the future tense (regular verbs). (only drawback to this is that it’s based on South American Spanish, so they don’t include the vosotros (-éis ending) form. Bear in mind that this comes after the nosotros form and before theellos/ellas form.

The same presenter dealing with irregular verbs in the future tense.

Challenging activity to put verbs into the future from the present and the preterite.

Rags to Riches (Who wants to be a millionaire style game) to practise the future.

Flashcards and games – focus exclusively on the irregular stems in comparison with the infinitives.

Pretérito – the past tense

Regular verbs in the preterite are explained here in points 1-4.  Point 5 is the Irregular verbs song!

  1. Video for -AR verbs  (with audio – get headphones!) (he leaves out the vosotros form because he’s using South American Spanish.)
  2. Video for -ER verbs
  3. Video for -IR verbsKeep_calm_and_learn_verbs_reasonably_small
  4. Flashcards with regular verbs
  5. The irregular verbs song!
  6. Regular verbs in the preterite – explanation.
  7. Test yourself – see what you can remember
  8. Hangman with irregular verbs
  9. Hangman – regular and irregular verbs
  10. Who wants to be a millionaire? Warm up with this one.
  11. Who wants to be a millionaire?


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