Three different options for class on Tuesday & Thursday. Options are in italics.

Imperfect explanations – these are on youtube, so maybe pair up with someone in the class to watch it together, or ask to watch it on the big screen rather than watching them individually.

-AR verbs

-ER/-IR verbs

Irregulars in the imperfect.


Take a break from verbs to go back over some revision – this time on the topic of the body – el cuerpo.

Repasa (review) el vocabulario para el cuerpo (the body) con estos Flashcards. Estúdialos, y haz todas las actividades y juegos. (flashcards for the body).

Aquí hay preguntas típicas del listening cuando la conversación toma lugar en el consultorio. (typical listening questions related to being at the doctor)

El ahorcado (hangman) con preguntas parecidos a las de arriba.

Repasa las partes del cuerpo. (matching)

Sopa de letras (wordsearch) con las partes del cuerpo.

Las partes del cuerpo en un juego de Battleships.

Or of course, go into Quizlet and create some flashcards.

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