As an oral examiner, I’ve listened to a lot of students tell me about Oxegen – they either went a few years ago or they’re planning on going this year. Talking about a concert is a nice way to follow on from talking about your favourite singer or group. So have you planned something you can say about it in your Leaving Certificate Oral Examination?

Summer plans going swimmingly?

If you’ve been to a number of concerts:
He ido a varios conciertos de…[insert group]. Me encanta su música y es increíble verles en directo.  = I’ve been to various concerts of…. I love their music and it’s incredible to see them live.

If you only went once, or it wasn’t a regular thing for you:
Fui a un concierto el año pasado / hace dos años etc. = I went to a concert last year/ two years ago.
El concierto fue en el O2. = The concert was in the 02.                                                                                        Me lo pasé bomba. = I had a great time.
Hizo buen/mal tiempo. = The weather was good/bad.
Nos quedamos en el camping. = We stayed in the campsite.
Me encantó. = I loved it.

If you’ve been to a concert where you stayed in the campsite:
Bueno, en el camping, la verdad es que todo estaba bastante sucio. = Well, the truth is that in the campsite, everything was pretty dirty.
Yo compartí una tienda con mi(s) amigo(s). = I shared a tent with my friend(s).
No nos duchamos ni una vez. = We didn’t even take one shower.
Pero valía la pena, porque conocimos a mucha gente majísima, y es todo parte de la experiencia. = But it was worth it, because we met lots of really nice people, and it’s all part of the experience.

This one’s for everyone to talk about the festival in general:
El festival era genial, porque podías ver un montón de músicos y grupos con muchos estilos distintos. = The festival was great because you could see loads of musicians and artists with lots of different styles.

La mejor actuación que vi fue la de Coldplay/Beyoncé/Two Door Cinema (insert your favourite group or artist). Fue inolvidable. Hubo un ambiente genial, a pesar del tiempo, y nunca olvidaré ese día. – The best performance I saw was that of Coldplay/Beyoncé/Two Door Cinema etc. It was unforgettable. There was an amazing atmosphere despite the weather, and I’ll never forget that day.

Now of course, we adults are horrified (!) by the idea of all the underage drinking and goodness knows what else that goes on there…so counter the examiner’s next question with something like this:

Es fácil tomar alcohol si realmente quieres, y desde luego hay mucha gente borracha por ahí…pero no veo mucha diferencía entre eso y un sábado por la noche en Dublín. = It’s easy to drink if you really want to, and of course there are lots of drunk people there, but I don’t really see the difference between that and a Saturday night in Dublin.
Por lo menos, en Oxegen, la mayoría de la gente simplemente quiere disfrutar de la música, y además hay muchos médicos si necesitas ayuda. = At least in Oxegen, the majority of people just want to enjoy the music, and besides, there are lots of doctors there if you need help.

What will you do this year?
Este año como no tengo mucho dinero/no me gusta el programa, voy a ir a Slane / un festival en Europa que se llama … = This year, as I don’t have much money/I don’t like the line-up, I’m going to go to Slane/ to a festival in Europe called…
Este año, como es mi último año, hay un viaje de fin de curso, y yo me he apuntado. = This year, as it’s my last year, there’s an end of year trip, and I’ve signed up for that.
Será genial. Tengo muchísimas ganas de terminar con los exámenes, y es estupendo saber que tengo algo planeado para después. = It’ll be great. I’m really looking forward to finishing my exams, and it’s great to know that I’ve something lined up for afterwards.

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