This note (Leaving Cert HL, 2005) was written by Calvin in my Form 6 class.
Here are the instructions:
You are staying with your Spanish exchange student in Toledo. Leave a note in Spanish for her/him, saying that you have had to change your plans for tomorrow.
  • Give a reason for the change of plans
  • Say you are sorry and that you hope your friend is not annoyed
  • Suggest doing something else instead
  • Tell her/him that you will telephone later to see what she/he thinks
domingo, 14:30
Hola Juan:
Te escribo para decirte que no puedo ir al cine mañana. Había olvidado que tengo clases de español los lunes. ¡Qué rollo!
Lo siento mucho Juan. Espero que no estés mosqueado.
Librería, Berlin
Librería, Berlin

Si te parece bien, podríamos ir de compras mañana por la mañana. Me han dicho que hay una tienda nueva en el centro comercial.

Te llamaré luego para ver que piensas.
Hasta luego.
It’s particularly nice to see good layout for the note or diary entry: day, time, greeting and sign-off as well as a new paragraph for each new point, which makes it easier for you and the examiner to see that you have covered all the points.

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