Caballos, Salta, Argentina.¡Hola Curso 2!

Welcome to my blog pancomido. As this is the first time we have used the blog in class, feel free to take some time to explore the page. Then come back to this post, and start working through the activities. You can do them in any order, though I would recommend having your hardback handy for revision and/or to take notes as you go along. The blog is obviously online all the time, and I would encourage you to use it as a way of helping you to study Spanish. Please feel free to leave a comment to say which activities were more/less helpful and to report if there is a problem with any link. ¡Qué disfrutéis!

Handy video to explain the difference between saber & conocer.

Saber VS conocer – quiz to test yourself.

Practise your daily routine and some reflexive verbs with Rags to Riches.

Practise the ir a + infinitive future (going to) using flashcards (the topic is typical holidays in Spain). Review the terms, then try the speller activity, then choose one of the games.

Listen to native speakers, and read a transcript of what they are saying. This focuses on the daily routine.

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