Classroom tools

Put a timer on the board.

Set up a fakebook page. (our password is Hibernia)

Fruit machine – use this to choose members in the classroom and to ask random questions.


Excellent advice about blogging with your students.

Some other considerations and tips.

Explore these blogs:

José Picardo (author of Box of Tricks)

MFL @ Northgate

Here are a number of blogging platforms:

Weebly – specifically educational; free.

Edublogger – specifically educational; subscription-based if you want anything more than very basic blogging. Based on the WordPress blogging platform.

Blogger – service connected to Google so it has a vast range of tools available to it.

WordPress – not educationally related; takes a little while to get used to, but you can create a nice and professional-looking blog.

Tumblr – not educationally related; perhaps better for PLN or for a blog which you administrate. Great for sharing items of interest that you find on the internet with great ease. Easy to use.







MFL Storybird


Lino-it – sticky notes (fancier than Wallwisher)

Online Communities

Join my Edmodo group to have a look before setting up your own  profile. (code = 37ul43)

Think about a facebook page.

Downloading YouTube videos:

Keep Tube

Save Tube

Off Liberty

Cool sound-effects for your classroom

Watch this:

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