El subjuntivo – presente

Review how to make the subjunctive in the present tense – I would do this before any other activity and keep the page open. You can also test yourself at this page.

Detailed overview of how and when to use the subjunctive, and the different forms of it through different tenses. (there is an annoying ad, but you can pause it to stop it playing)

Subjunctive rap…there are a few errors, but not based on the subjunctive, so if it helps you remember it’s worth watching…

Here’s a slightly dodgy guy in a polo-neck talking about the subjunctive…it’s quite clear from it when to use the subjunctive, and it comes with subtitles.

Subjunctive or indicative – ¿quién quiere ser millonario?

Fill in the gap.

Subjunctive, indicative or infinitive – ¿Quién quiere ser millonario?

Subjunctive battleships – a little tricky.

Wide range of subjunctive exercises. These range from mechanical practice of how to make it, to choosing when to use it. 




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