Salinas (salt plains), Argentina

Today there’s a range of activities. The preterite ones are still there and you should have a go at them if you are finding this grammar difficult in class. At the bottom there are some fun revision activities with topics from all of this year which are good revision for your summer exams.

The Preterite

If you’re new to the preterite, watch the videos 1-3 first. Then try the flashcards – watch them all with audio, then do the Speller activity and then try the games.

  1. Video for -AR verbs  (with audio – get headphones!)
  2. Video for -ER verbs
  3. Video for -IR verbs
  4. Flashcards with regular verbs
  5. The irregular verbs song!
  6. Regular verbs in the preterite – explanation.
  7. Test yourself – see what you can remember
  8. Hangman with irregular verbs
  9. Hangman – regular and irregular verbs
  10. Who wants to be a millionaire? Warm up with this one.
  11. Who wants to be a millionaire?

Revision activities

Race against time to revise how to tell the time!

Daily routine – I’d have my hardback open for this!

What about the countries? Do you remember them?!

If you like these, there are more activities at this page. You need to choose “Free activities” and then choose the kind of game you want to do eg Jigword/ Matching Word/ Wordweb. Then choose the topic you want to revise.

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