Esta semana, quiero que intentéis con trabajo un poco más difícil. Aquí hay una lista de varias actividades relacionadas con lo que hemos estudiado este año. Recordad que dentro de un mes (más o menos) estaremos en exámenes, así que usad bien este tiempo.  (If you don’t understand that – Google Translate it).

So that sites don’t crash, don’t go to the same site as the person beside you. As always, leave a comment if a link is broken or an activity is particularly good or bad.

Idioms to do with colours

Test yourself on basic adjectives by matching them to their opposites.

Test yourselves on useful words for people by matching them to their opposites.

Useful but tricky: expressions with TENER.

List of words with double (or triple) meanings.

A story to listen to and read to reinforce the difference between the preterite and the imperfect. Make sure to do the activities at the end of each section to really revise properly. 

Catch up on your horoscope for the week.




Regular verbs in the preterite are explained here in points 1-4.  Point 5 is the Irregular verbs song!

  1. Video for -AR verbs  (with audio – get headphones!) (he leaves out the vosotros form because he’s using South American Spanish.)
  2. Video for -ER verbs
  3. Video for -IR verbs
  4. Flashcards with regular verbs
  5. The irregular verbs song!
  6. Regular verbs in the preterite – explanation.
  7. Test yourself – see what you can remember
  8. Hangman with irregular verbs
  9. Hangman – regular and irregular verbs
  10. Who wants to be a millionaire? Warm up with this one.
  11. Who wants to be a millionaire?



Present tense verbs – testing variety of regular & irregular.

Test yourself: regular -AR, -ER, -IR verbs.

Matching present tense verbs.



Listen to people describing themselves (v. good for the oral) – range of difficulty available.

People talking about where & what they study (this is aimed at university level, so be careful what you take from it – but it has some useful phrases.

Difference between SABER and CONOCER.


Battleships radical-changing verbs.

Hangman radical-changing verbs.

Challenging test of radical-changing verbs.


Gustar + other verbs in context of cine.

Matching the beginning and ends of sentences to practise gustar. (using subjects)

Gustar/encantar practice sentences.

Who wants to be a millionaire gustar/encantar

Vocabulario del cine

Vocabulario útil del cine y de la tele

Listen to these people talking about cinema.

Think about the following film-related questions that are common in the oral exam:

¿Cuál es tu película preferida? (What’s your favourite film?)

¿Cuál es la última película que has visto? (easy to stumble into this one if you tell the examiner you always go to the cinema at the weekend! or that you were there last week!)

¿Has visto alguna película española? (Have you ever seen a Spanish film?


  1. gustar/encantar practice sentences was’nt great
    the who wants to be a millionaire as the best

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