¡Buenos días a todos!

Por favor, sigue las instrucciones debajo.

1. Open Pages on the computer and type up your piece on your name & character. Possible titles – Me presento (Let me introduce myself); Yo mismo (myself); Por qué me llamo así (Why I’m called this..)

2. Save with a clearly recognisable name to your folder on the server. Consider also saving it to Google docs or to a USB key if you have a problem with saving it to the server. In a worst case scenario, save it as the text in the body of an email.

3. Open the internet and go to Cueprompter. Or use this link to bring you there.

4. Copy and paste your writing to Cueprompter and have a go at practising reading it from the cue. (use headphones for this so you can hear yourself).

5. Check any words that are giving you difficulty with the person beside you or with myself.

6. Open Garageband. You want to make a new podcast. Call it by the same name as your document.

7. The space bar stops and starts the track. CMD Z is undo. If you choose the track and press the delete button, you can delete what you have recorded.

8. Press record, then re-open Cueprompter and start the cue. It will open in a new window or tab. Read through your piece, trying to focus on correct intonation and pronunciation. Don’t rush! You want this to be correct. Take plenty of breaths and pauses, because if you do need to edit, this can make it easier. When you have finished, go back to Garageband and stop recording. When in Cueprompter “Forward” is the equivalent of Play.

9. Now listen to yourself. Are you happy? Perhaps there are short sections you want to re-record. Maybe get myself or a neighbour to listen in if you’re not sure.

10. Save it to your folder on the computer, or to a USB stick if you have one.


There is some cross-over with these posts, but check them all out please:

Do either flash or oral for presentation (opt for Spanish pronunciation), then test yourself with matching, quiz and test:

Positive characteristics

Negative characteristics

Positive feelings

Negative feelings

Practise ser vs estar

Battleships ser vs estar

Who wants to be a millionaire ser vs estar

Handy way of remembering the rules for ser & estar. (I have to be honest, I got it to show me the answers, then went back and did it again to test my memory of it).

Flashcards/matching/wordsearch activities re emotions.


  1. If you go back and try some of the sites, do let me know which were the best, which helped you learn, and also if any links aren’t working etc. Thanks!

  2. The who wants to be a millionare game, was brilliant. It really helped me differenciate my verbs in an interesting way.

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