El tiempo es un tema que siempre surge en el examen del Leaving Cert en la prueba auditiva y puede surgir también en el Junior Certificate. Por eso, vale la pena echar un vistazo de vez en cuando al prónostico para España y Europa y comprobar que conoces todas las palabras usadas.

The weather always comes up in the Leaving Cert listening and can also come up in the Junior Cert, so it’s worthwhile taking a glance, every now and then, at the weather forecast for Spain and Europe and checking that you know all the words used.

Escucha a varias personas con acentos distintos y con diferentes niveles de dificultad. Listen to various people with different accents at different levels of difficulty. Click on one of the people and they talk for a minute or two about the weather in their area. You can listen and follow what they say by reading it in English or Spanish.

Here are a few games to test yourself:

A noughts & crosses weather game

Check yourself on the weather vocab here

Test yourself orally on weather expressions and listen to the answers.

More difficult gap-fill exercise using hacer/ser/estar/llover/nevar.

Aquí hay unas páginas web con el prónostico: some pages with the weather forecast.


Página oficial del gobierno sobre el tiempo

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